Network Outage

UPDATE: Issue has been resolved. Please see timeline below for details.

One of the data centers we currently use is experiencing an unusual network level outage. This is impacting a couple of our external website properties, specifically the Sucuri Login area and SiteCheck.

Rest assured that none of the monitors scanning your sites are affected, only the servers housing our external facing properties. We’re working with the data center and network provider to better understand the issue. The minute we learn more we will pass it on.

This will impact our ability to:

  • Respond to your support inquiries
  • Perform cleanups

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. As we learn more we will pass it on.

Please direct any questions or concerns to


8.31.12 12.42pm PST – Data Connectivity Issues (Affecting User dashboard login, SiteCheck)

8.31.12 12:52pm PST – Network Provider update: NAC has informed us of a power issue affecting at least some portion of the datacenter. As soon as power is restored we are poised to execute our recovery procedures to all affected systems.

8.31.12 1.06pm PST – Data Connectivity Restored. Power restored at datacenter.

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