The Real Cost of Losing Your Phone

About four weeks ago, I lost my much loved BlackBerry at Sydney airport. I felt like my life was over – and you know what, it was for a few days.

I had lost years’ worth of contacts, apps and precious photos of my boys! I was shattered.

Now just because I am Cybermum doesn’t mean I am perfect. Far from it! So, I am confessing – I hadn’t backed up my phone, since Christmas! I hadn’t even had enough time to even download the pics of my kids. I was too busy – life got in the way.

So, as punishment, it took me days to get myself sorted out. And to be honest, I am still not quite back to normal. With research showing that around 28% of digital assets cannot be restored when smartphones are lost, I think I have to accept that life will never be the same.

But, this won’t happen again. Yes – there is an insurance policy available. I am in the throes of loading McAfee Mobile Security onto my new Android device which means if it happens again, my life will not go on hold. I will be able to locate and track my phone, remotely wipe the data if I need to and, backup and restore data if I was to lose it again! If only I had been more organised!!

Note to Self – never leave your phone at the airport again, continue to use a security password, get some mobile security software and don’t blow $1000 replacing your smartphone! Just imagine how far that could go at Westfield!


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