McAfee – Cybercrime is a firefight! Time for Automation.

Fighting a grass fire in high winds

Those who have experienced them know how scary their world becomes when a grass fire or forest fire gets out of control. As these fires become more intense, they create their own weather, generating their own winds, making them more difficult to fight and often moving far faster than firefighters can.  The outcome is often a huge loss of property and frequently, a significant loss of lives, both animal, and human. As temperatures continue to rise, as we experience longer and longer periods of drought, these fires are becoming more and more frequent and more severe.

Local, state and federal agencies have come together to address these frequent events and the disasters they cause.  They are looking at strategies to be more prepared, to respond more quickly and to be more effective.  They can’t afford all the resources they need, and even if they could, they’d need an improved infrastructure to deploy and manage these resources. They know they need all the manpower and equipment they can find but just as important, they know that communications, coordination, and cooperation are absolutely essential to their success.

Isn’t this the same problem one faces in fighting cybercrime?  Malicious activity is occurring all the time, and it’s difficult to know immediately when the event happens, where it takes place, what it’s doing, what’s at risk.  You also have purchased and deployed many tools to assist in the fight.  However, it still takes too much time and too many resources just to identify what’s happening (include some facts).  Once you have, it still makes take costly minutes, hours or days to identify and implement a plan to kill the exploit and its ability to steal your valuable data, causing loss of PCI, PII, financial data or IP or its ability to impact your operations or ability to conduct business.

Over the past 15 years, Intel Security (soon again to be McAfee), has continued to be laser focused on providing our customers with an enterprise-ready infrastructure or framework to protect their connected world.  We began with ePO over 15 years ago.  It was the very first product to be able to deploy, configure and manage security solutions for over 100,000 systems.  We added functionality to put new protections in place over the years: Host IPS, Web Protection, Whitelisting, Change Control, File Integrity Management, Encryption, Device Control, Data Loss Prevention and more.  This framework was, by far, the most effective solution in the market and helped to improve security and drive down the cost of security operations.

However, just like we’ve seen the impact of climate change on strategies required to fight fires, today’s threat landscape also requires new strategies.  To that end, we’ve taken a very hard look at today’s requirements and are now delivering solutions/technologies that are far more comprehensive, along with a new framework that allows for real-time visibility to our infrastructures and the ability to respond in real time.  We’ve introduced new solutions, including Advanced Threat Defense (ATD), Dynamic Access Control (DAC) and Real Protect to improve our ability to detect new threats and protect your users and systems. And with the introduction of the Data Exchange Layer (DXL) and the Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE), we not only have the ability to know what’s happening in real time, but we have the intelligence to analyze the data and automate the real-time prevention of attacks.  Today, Intel Security solutions will detect issues and take action on a very high percentage of advanced threats, leaving your valuable resources time to address the most difficult issues.  With the introduction of McAfee Active Response (MAR), we provide our customers with the ability to perform extensive forensics as well.

These new tools are allowing Intel Security users to significantly improve their effectiveness and efficiency, greatly improving their time to identification and resolution of issues and driving down their cost of operations.

A courtesy shout out to my colleagues in Northern California for this critical thinking – Thank you Bruce, Brook & Mike.

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