Get Your Teen Tech-Ready For College!

Sonny boy has turned 18! And he is now enrolled into a prestigious Engineering college! My heart is simply bursting with joy, pride and love. But there’s no time to sit back and enjoy the feeling for there’s a lot to be done! Not only do I have to buy clothes and books, I also have to purchase a smartphone (his birthday gift) and a laptop, which, today, is an essential part of college education.

All the time, I am repeating instructions on how to be a careful, responsible person in this dangerous adult world. I have gone over our list of Do’s and Don’ts which also includes tips on how to keep his gadgets and his data safe. There are hundreds of cyber criminals waiting for an opportunity to enter a system and steal data. But like in the real world, a judicious mix of caution and security software can ward off most cyber dangers.

The McAfee Security Advice Center has proved to be a boon. Additionally, I used the ready list of tips to ensure my teen is tech ready!

My check list for parents of college-going kids:

  •      Security software installed on laptops/PCs?

When you buy your child that computer or laptop, ensure you simultaneously purchase an advanced security software from a reputable vendor. Be on the lookout for software that is inclusive of antivirus and antispyware protection, as well as a two-way firewall to protect them from network threats. You can try McAfee Total Protection, which is cost-effective too as it covers three PCs. Another option is to try McAfee AllAccess, which offers a unique solution for computers, tablets and laptops


  •      Mobile security software for smartphones?

It does well to remember that smartphones are nothing but mini-computers and are subjected to the same security risks. So the first thing to do when you buy a smartphone is to install a mobile security software, which not only offers antivirus and anti-theft protection but also offers web protection, app privacy, and call and text filtering. In addition to this, such advanced software can help you to remotely locate, lock, and wipe data on a lost phone. The McAfee Mobile security is good bet

  •      Bought a computer lock?

This lock is a securing device for the teen’s notebook. It will help him/her to secure the device by inserting the lock into their computer’s lock slot and affixing the attached cable to a table leg or other stable structure


  •      Taught teen how to back-up data?

Together decide upon an easy-to-use backup system so there are no excuses, and drill into them the need to take a weekly back-up


  •      Teen knows about safe downloading and sharing online?

By this age, the teen must be well aware that it is illegal and a punishable offence to download pirated software and music. The consequences may include fines and jail time. They must also be aware of what kind of information it is safe to share on social networks and be conscious of protecting their own reputation. Give them the mantra “Don’t post any updates or pics that you wouldn’t want your Grandma or future employer to see


  •     Instructed them to be extra careful about persons they meet online?

It’s good to repeat this instruction that you must have given a hundred times already. College kids often forge friendships online and then meet up in person. Both boys and girls can be duped by unscrupulous elements in this way. Remind them never to share any personal information online that could compromise their Internet security

The beauty of McAfee® All Access is that it offers consolidated protection for all your web-based devices. This way you will have your peace of mind as you will be sure that your teen as well as the rest of your family can safely work, surf, shop, and interact online.

So parents, enjoy the dual emotions of joy and sorrow of a child leaving for college, and adulthood, without the fear of their safety troubling you.

Motherhood! It’s bliss, but fraught with worries… McAfee lessens at least some of those worries :)


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