The new Surface Duo could be the perfect workstation

Editor’s note: Microsoft is a client of the author.

Last week, I had an interesting chat with Israel Sumano, senior director of infrastruture services at Southland Industries. He has around 450 engineers using Workspot‘s cloud desktop solution running on Microsoft Azure. Most of these people are using old desktops, but he has been using an S20 Ultra to host his desktop. That’s why I wanted to talk to him.

I know a bit about Workstation users: they demand – and typically get – the hardware they want, and Workstations tend to be several times more expensive than PCs. So the idea of putting a firm’s engineering staff onto what amounts to a thin-client solution shouldn’t work. But the plan is to put these engineers on Microsoft’s new Duo, which is the first Smartphone in some time (other than a BlackBerry) with a serious business focus. 

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