#Fail to the chief: When tech trips up presidential candidates

Politics and technology: An uneasy relationship
Ronald Reagan laughing, but probably not over his badly timed joke about outlawing Russia

Image by Happyme22/Wikipedia

Thomas Jefferson was an inventor and Herbert Hoover was an engineer, but other presidents, candidates, and politicians have had a more, shall we say, fraught relationship with technology. Ronald Reagan, for instance, joked into a live microphone about “outlawing Russia forever” at the height of the Cold War in 1984. But with technology becoming an ever more important part of our daily lives, so too will some of the inevitable slew of political gaffes we’ll encounter over the next 18 months of campaigning come in tech form. And we here at ITworld promise to keep track of them all! Here’s a bunch to get you started; we’ll update as more arise, and feel free to let us know if you read about one you think should be included.

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