Why Getting Followers On Instagram Is Important For A Business

Instagram is a great social media network
if you want to market your brand. Apart from letting you showcase products from
your Shopify store, using Instagram helps in many ways to promote your

Let’s look at the different ways by which
Instagram can help your business.

Why Getting Followers On Instagram Is Important For A Business

A Huge User Base

One of the best things about using
Instagram is that you have access to a large user base. With more than 800
million active users on the platform, you can easily find your target audience
on Instagram. Getting followers on Instagram is the first step that you should be taking to
market your business on this platform.

A High Conversion

Instagram is known to have a high
conversion rate than other platforms such as Pinterest and Polyvore. Instagram
posts tend to leave an impression on the
minds of people. For instance, if they see a pair of shoes posted on Instagram,
they are quite likely to go ahead and purchase it. With the introduction of
Instagram’s shoppable posts, created with Shopify, it has now become easier to shorten the
customer journey. Now that your audience can purchase your products directly on
Instagram, without having to exit the platform, it creates a convenient
experience for them.

Ad-Targeting Options

Another benefit of using Instagram for
your business is the advanced set of Ad-targeting options that this platform
offers. Instagram Ads are a great way to directly target audience with your
content, increasing your chances of conversions. Not only can you target a cold
audience, by the basic parameters of age, gender, location, behavior, and
interests, but you also have the option of retargeting an audience. While cold
targeting means targeting people who are not acquainted with your brand,
retargeting is reaching out with your content to those who have already seen or
heard of your brand or content. With Instagram’s retargeting feature, you have
a better chance of enhancing conversions.

Create Different
Types Of Content

Another good thing about Instagram for
your business is that it lets you experiment with content and formats. You can
use Instagram stories, create Instagram posts and now even add IGTV videos to
market your products. Getting followers on Instagram
can be easier if you leverage the different content formats that the platform

You can post product photos in many
creative and innovative ways. You can also add up to 1-minute long videos
sharing your products. You can also provide a glimpse behind the scenes. You
can probably let your audience see all that goes into building your products or
you can show them how the different photos of your products are captured,
edited and then posted on Instagram.

Increase Brand
Awareness With Hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram help to increase
brand awareness by increasing the presence of your brand on the platform. A
good combination of hashtags should include a niche or industry-relevant
hashtag, a brand-focused hashtag, and other hashtags that you think your target
audience is more likely to look up on Instagram. This will increase your chance
of getting discovered and that of getting more followers.

Leverage The
Power Of Visual Content

Visual content is the most popular type
of content. Instagram lets you leverage this power given that it is a visual
content-focused platform. People connect with this the most and with Instagram,
you can create and post visual content to attract and entice your audience.
Once you have attracted your audience with your content, half the job is done
for you. Now you only need to bring your audience to engage with your content
and eventually target at converting them into customers.

User-Generated Content

You can use Instagram to create
user-generated content. User-generated content is like product recommendations.
If someone posts a photo on Instagram featuring your product (s) or brand, you
can share it through your Instagram profile. This will show your followers that
there are many other customers who are using your products already. It adds a
sense of trust in your brand. You should create a relevant branded hashtag for
this so that people can use this hashtag when they add posts featuring your
products. You can then add all the user-generated content to your Instagram

Run Influencer
Marketing Campaigns

You can use Instagram to run influencer
marketing campaigns. Instagram is one of the most ideal platforms to
collaborate with influencers as most Instagram influencers boast of a huge
following. Identify niche influencers with whom you can collaborate to promote
your brand. This will help in getting followers on

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