2 Comedians You Should Watch on YouTube This Week

We all love to laugh. In today’s hectic world, a
little comic relief is a welcome blessing for most people. After all, it is
impossible to feel like your day is going badly while you’re clutching your
belly from laughing so hard.

Comedy is a bit of a cure-all. It is truly one of
the great gifts of life, and people’s lives are improved and enriched because
of it. In fact, I believe that comedy has the power to not only change people’s
lives, but to change the world.

But all loftiness aside, great comedians
undeniably have the ability to make you forget about your troubles, stresses,
and worries. Under their spell you become completely immersed in an alternate
reality, and taken on a ride engineered inside the mind of the comedian. I’m
not saying comedians are sorcerors, but I am saying I’ve never seen sorcerors
and comedians in the same room.

In my opinion, one of the most impressive forms
of comedy is stand up comedy. There’s no other form of consumable entertainment
that’s quite like it. To me, watching live stand up comedy is very similar to a
mindfulness meditation; I become completely present to the moment. Seeing an
outstanding comedian perform in real time is an experience that everyone must

When stand up comedians perform in my city, I go
see them. But sometimes going to a show isn’t an option. When I’m in the mood
to laugh but can’t go see stand up comedy live, I usually go straight to
YouTube and start looking for stand up comedians.

I absolutely love discovering new and exciting
talent on the internet. YouTube is filled with gifted comedians from all over
the globe, and I’ve found some extraordinary gems that are too good to keep to

This week I made two tremendous discoveries on
YouTube. They are both standout talents, and deserve a look! You won’t regret

Without further ado, here are my favorite YouTube
Comedians You Should Know About:

1. Elyse DeLucci

When it comes to stand up comedy, New York has
long been known for harboring some of the best talent in the world. I’ve come
across some really funny ones over the years, but I’ve seen a major resurgence
in the level of comedic talent coming out of the big apple. Elyse DeLucci is a
shining example of such talent.

The first video I saw was her “Live at Gotham Comedy Club” set, and it had me hooked instantly.

See for yourself: https://youtu.be/zq0BcWRk7ks

Elyse’s channel has other fantastic content as
well, so be sure to check it out after you watch that video!

2. Amit Tandon

This is a different type of experience if you
speak English, as you have to read subtitles to enjoy this. But don’t let that
stop you! I assure you this guy is hilarious, and I’m glad I discovered his

The first video I saw was his one about
“Food Courts And Restaurants”, which you must see!

Look this guy up, you won’t regret it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article, and I hope
you give the aforementioned comedians a follow! Long live comedy!

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