Why Should You Switch to a Custom Domain?

When newbie’s start their blogging journey and put a step in blogosphere, they usually start with a .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com, but when things starts getting serious and you want to turn your blog into a money making machine and want to compete with other blogs under the same niche of yours then switching to a custom domain name becomes necessary.
The reason why it is important to use a custom domain for your blogs will be outlined in this post.
Earn more, Spend more
99.9% ( exceptions are also there :P) bloggers blog and work hard to earn hard cash from their blogs. So using a custom domain will help you in accomplishing your goal of money making. With a custom domain name, your chances of getting guests post, advertising requests etc are far more than you can get while using a sub domain.
Higher Search Engine Ranking
Blogs with a custom domain name are ranked higher on search engines and they are indexed more quickly than other  blogs having sub domains. So using a custom domain, will greatly boost your blog traffic.
Monetization of your Blog
Almost all of the big advertisement companies on WWW won’t accecpt your blog if it’s on a sub domain, so if you want some serious and hardcore earning from your blog then switching your blog to a custom domain should be your first priority.
Custom Domains are easy to remember
Custom domains are more easy to remember than sub domains. When I see blogs with sub domains, they give me a mini heart attack 😛 because with a sub domain, your blog address looks really very long, and are confusing plus the name is also hard to remember. When you use custom domains, it adds a professional feel and look to your blog. Look around you’ll find all the successful blogs are on a custom domain.
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