How To Disappear Off The Grid

Reasons To Go Off The Grid

There are many reasons to live away from the digital world. Whether its to get away from all those digital advertisements through emails or through the multitudes of social media websites popping up everywhere. Maybe you just want to leave for a vacation, or in extreme situations start a new life.

No Cell Phones

Cell phones are possibly the easiest way to find you because of its fairly accurate GPS built in to any modern smart phone. If you must use a modern smartphone, just take out the battery of it if you can, or shut it off when not needed. To be more secure it is recommended to buy a prepaid phone at a local gas station. For even more improved anonymity use a prepaid calling card for all calls.

Use Gift Cards

You don’t have to use cash for everything, gift cards can replace credit/debit cards and can be used for online services. You can buy them in practically anywhere that sells things.

Be Anti-Social

No social media period. If you need to use it, make a throwaway account in random public locations. Also don’t follow anyone you personally know.

Encrypt Everything

When using email use a secured encrypted email like this. This will help secure you if you’re using public WI-FI. There is also many free resources for secure instant messaging like this

Hide Your IP address

The easiest way to secure your IP address is use the multitude of VPNs online. Most of them are paid services, but have introductory periods that are free. You can also use the free TOR browser, you can download it on your phone and even flash drives so you don’t have to install it on your current device.

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