A Hot Security Conference On Cold Iceland

When I think about Iceland I do not immediately think about a place where top IT-security researchers from all over the world meet once a year to present and discuss some of the most recent and relevant security topics, but this is actually the case. It is the second year that the Nordic Security Conference has taken place here on Iceland. It is quite funny because when I’m in Las Vegas for DEFCON and BLACKHAT I always complain about the insane heat, and during the Nordic Security Conference the weather is terrible. When can someone arrange a conference at a location where it’s not insanely warm or cold?

I’ve had the great opportunity to present at both events. This year I gave a presentation about one of the weakest links in IT-security; the human factor. For over 6 months I have done several research projects, some of them on my own, and some together with other security researchers such as Martin Jartelius from Outpost24. We tried to answer the question: “How easy is it to hack a country?” by performing various social engineering experiments, with great success.

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