8 Secret Ways to Promote Your Coming Soon Page and Post

When you are thinking about an effective coming soon page, you should take into consideration two main things: design and promotion. Only by mixing these two features you can gain a lot of visitors and subscribers.
So, your task is to create an eye catching underconstruction page which people will like so much that they tell other people about it. And this fame we’ll be the first step to your success!

Let’s start our journey to the branding achievement.
When your striking and memorable upcoming page is ready, it’s time to begin your well- thought promotion of the project.
Start tweeting
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It means not only tweet it once via your personal profile, it means to try to spread the word about your page within the whole Twitter society. How to do it? Just keep in mind:
– ask familiar bloggers, designers or people whose work is related to your sphere to tweet your coming soon page. If their twitter profiles have a good amount of followers news about your creation can quickly become popular and viral.Don’t ask your friends to tweet the page if they don’t work in the same sphere, it won’t work, you’ll get no effect, just only waste your priceless time.
– Find lists like “coming soon pages” on twitter and tweet your teaser sheet using “#list”. When someone else will look for a roundup of underconstruction pages and utilize slash sign, the page of your upcoming website will be featured.
– Mention famous bloggers or popular artists in your tweet, the sign “@” is very powerful tool to draw someone’s attention, so don’t neglect it.

– There are also many paid resources that can bring you much new viewers. We we’ll
mention only some of them:

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The name says for itself, at this website freelancers post what they can do for a fee of $5. Here you’ll find a good variety of different offers, from blog commenting to guest posting.
As we are interested in tweets, you can find a person who tweet from 50 or more account only for $5 and order their services. So surf through the categories and choose the most appropriate for you and your project.
2-Buy sell ads
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BuySellAds is an online marketplace which connects website owners, advertisers and bloggers. If you know this service only as the ads provider, now you should remember that it’s also a very helpful tool when you need a tweet. Just open the site, choose “tweets” category and find the most appropriate for you.
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It’s a friendly community that gladly helps you to tweet the news about your project. You can buy their tweets, or you can share tweets of others, gain points and then spend it by tweeting about your website.

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If you need tons of tweet traffic, this service is a really nice solution! Here are different types of tweets of different grade and value, so even with $0.02 you can purchase a tweet. But remember an important proverb: stingy always pays twice. So before buying, check out the amplification of the tweet owner on Klout!
5-Facebook Fan page
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Nowadays almost everyone has a Facebook profile and spend a lot of spare or even work time here :). Take an advantage of Facebook and create fan page fully dedicated to your project. Post all updates, news and contests here and interact with your readers. Soon you’ll receive the feedback and appreciate the real power of Facebook society!
6-Guest posting

Writing articles to other blogs is one of the most important conditions of your successful existence on the Web. For example, what do you get when contribute to other websites and blogs? Lets see:
– links in the body of the article;
– links in the author’s byline;
– your gravatar will be featured to the whole Internet audience. You have an amazing opportunity to become a well-known person within blogging community.
7-Only one call to action
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The most important element of coming soon page is a call to action button or a subscription box. It has to be prominent, easily noticeable. Just look at the example below and at the bright design accents. Would you leave an email here?
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