7 Reasons Why Linking Your Blog with Social Media will Boost Traffic

Social media is the marketing tactic of the future, and brands that are failing to utilize social media marketing strategies are likely missing out on incredible opportunities to connect with consumer populations and generate a clear and prominent brand identity. Linking your blog with social media accounts is a great way to increase your marketing efforts. Instead of relying solely on the appearance of your blog in search engine results, you can increase traffic to your blog by relying heavily on social media activity amongst your niche audience

Understanding the basic reasons why social media can be a powerful amplifier for your blogging efforts may provide you with the encouragement to invest in social media. Effective social media marketing requires hours of weekly effort, and many business professionals abandon their social media attempts because they fail to understand the powerful connection between social media activity and improved web traffic numbers. If you need convincing, here are seven important reasons why linking your blog with social media will boost traffic.

Consumers Use Social Media Addictively
Marketing cannot be performed effectively if a marketing professional doesn’t understand his or her target audience. This is one of the biggest mistakes that marketers make, and a failure to understand an audience of consumers is the central reason for many marketing failures. Without a doubt, consumers are using social media more frequently than any other type of website on the Internet. Millions and millions of consumers are actively engaged in hundreds of different social media accounts, and embracing this consumer trend will connect you with a massive population of consumers. If your audience spends most of its time on social media, and your business or brand doesn’t have a social media presence, how can you expect to relate with or connect to your target audience?
Consumers Rely on Social Media for Brand Updates
Consumers are accessing social media for more than just updates from their friends and family members. While social media was once a place to share ideas amongst other consumers, it is becoming more and more popular for consumers to use social media to receive updates and information from their favorite brands. A consumer who is a huge fan of a local café, for example, may connect with that café  via social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. This social media connection will provide the consumer with an easy way to get updates from his favorite brand. The same is true for blogging website. When you feature a new blog post on your website, you can use social media to direct consumers to that new and relevant content.
Social Media Allows for Personal, Intimate Connection
Social media is also powerful because it allows brands to create connections with consumers that are more intimate and personal. The distance between businesses and their target audience members is one of the main causes of poor customer retention. When your consumer population feels like it is valued by your brand, they will be more likely to continually check your website.
Social Media Allows for the Introduction of a Website Revamp
If you give your website a much needed makeover, through the implementation of a brand new WordPress template or design concept, social media is a great way to announce this kind of update. Consumers are always looking for change and improvement on their favorite sites, and downloading a new theme for your blog is a great way to keep the brand relevant and interesting.
Social Media can be Used as a Microblogging Tool to Enhance Your Content Efforts
Because a blog is all about releasing high quality content that will attract, entertain, interest, and inform your readers, you can use social media to amplify those content marketing efforts and attract greater attention from readers. Many social media platforms, like Twitter, are essentially microblogs, providing small tidbits of information to consumers.
Social Media Advertisements Continue to Increase in Effectiveness
With social media advertising, you can create a cost-effective advertising campaign that will appeal directly to your target audience population. Social media makes it easy to target consumers from a specific demographic, with specific preferences, and with highly specific interests. You’ll never have to waste time plastering advertisements across the screen of a consumer who is clearly disinterested in your blog.
With Social Media, Your Brand Appears Relevant and Current
Lastly, social media activity changes the appearance and image of your brand as a whole. Websites, like blogs, that maintain social media activity are perceived as relevant and modern by the average consumer. In fact, a blog without a social media presence is often neglected without consideration because the modern consumer assumes that all relevant and continually updated content streams interact regularly with social media platforms and networks.

About authorAnny Solway is a dedicated writer at ThemeFuse –  a web studio that creates original WordPress themes, that can be used out of the box. She loves to share blogging and technology  tips.

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