Resolved: Resolved: ITS Printing Services Problems Today

Starting at 14:03 today users started getting a “User not logged in that address” error message when trying to print; this will continue for most users who logged in prior to 14:03. They must log off and on again to be able to print.

This was caused by a really odd database problem where the primary Pals server could not update central databases starting at 11:07, but it did not get any errors. All information is kept in a local cache so the problem was not apparent until 14:00. Login and logout records were restored, but we don’t have an easy way of restoring the login state per IP address in the database, which is what the print servers use to verify the user is logged into the IP address that a print job came from. We’ll look for a way to do that in case this ever happens again.

More information: Resolved: Resolved: ITS Printing Services Problems Today

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