Sucuri Expands Research Efforts with Acquisition of Unmask Parasites

Our goal at Sucuri is to be the best website security company of today and in the future.

To help build on our existing research efforts, and to expand our ability to scan websites and detect malware, we are very excited to announce the acquisition of Unmask Parasites.

Unmask Parasites is an online website security service that helps detect illicit content that hackers insert into benign web pages using various security holes. This acquisition is well aligned with our vision and commitment to offer the best website security services and products available today, and in the future.

We are also very pleased to announce that along with the acquisition, we have retained the services of Denis Sinegubko, founder of Unmask Parasites; Denis will be joining our research team.

Working Together

Throughout the years we have taken pride in building the best website security tools and services available to all website owners and managers. One of the cool things we have always done at Sucuri is work well with others! We enjoy being able to expand our research and the services we offer by working together with responsible security companies and professionals like Denis.

We have had the fortunate opportunity to establish a great relationship with Denis starting in 2011, sharing information and working together to research large-scale attacks. We have grown together, and naturally we want to continue building on our like principles of helping people, and learning as much as we can about website security in an effort to provide the fastest, most accurate services we can.

Website security is our world, the place where we know how to help make life easier for people, we will continue to build on that premise.

What’s Next

Our efforts to build the go-to suite of website security products is in full force. As you have seen in recent months with the release of CloudProxy, additions to our WordPress security plugin, and our Managed Server Security Program (MSSP), our forward approach is to continue expanding our suite of products and services.

Unmask Parasites will stay online as one of the go-to resources for website security, and Denis will continue to improve it. We are also very excited about Denis’s research efforts, so be on the lookout for new research posts on the Unmasked Parasites blog.

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