Sucuri Affiliate Updates

We have been running a quite successful (but stealthy) affiliate program for a few years, paying our partners very well. Our goal has always been to allow our clients that already love what we do, to make some money when they also send their friends or customers to us.

However, as our affiliates know, the affiliate dashboard has been a bit stagnated for a while. But hopefully that will change today, we just pushed multiple updates that will hopefully improve the entire workflow, allowing you to better track the work and conversions.

If you are not an affiliate, you can sign up here:

Let’s get right to it, here are the changes:

1- Individual Trackers

This was the most requested option by our partners.

You always had your affiliate link, but you couldn’t create individual trackers for different URLs. We have fixed this shortcomig, by adding a “trid” (tracker ID) variable that you can added to your affiliate links.

So if your affiliate URL is:, you can create trackers like:

That will allow you to see clicks from a location called “blog”, “test1″ and “othertracker”.

2- Destination URLs

By default, the affiliate URL was always redirecting to our main site ( We have added some custom codes that allow you to redirect your URLs to more targeted locations:

&signup =
&scan =
&br =
&cloudproxy =

So if you take the example affiliate URL we provided above, you can add “&scan” to it and redirect your users to sitecheck:

3- Logging and Audit Trails

This has always been there, but we’ve made some much need improvements.

You can now see which URLs are converting more and which browsers/IPs and links are getting you more return. So when someone buys, you can see where it came from. Example:

2013-10-17 17:31:11 EMAIL – purchased Premium – 89.99 ref:mytesttracker Windows/Chrome

4- Badges and images

Another overhaul.

And the last, but not least, we added quite a few new images and badges that you can use on your sites. This is a screenshot for some of them (note that when you click on any of them in our dashboard it displays the code that you can insert on your site to track it):

Sucuri Affiliate codes

And that’s it for now. If you have any suggestion or feature requests, let us know.

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