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Gartner anticipates that by 2020, 80% of large enterprises will have invested in endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities. By 2018, 100% of Leaders’ and Visionaries’ endpoint protection platforms will include EDR capabilities. The full report is available here.

Dynamic Endpoint was our featured topic on our Q1 global partner webcast on January 19. If you missed it, you can find the recording and the presentation on our Partner Portal. The McAfee Endpoint Security platform provides a collaborative security framework that reduces the complexity of endpoint security environments, provides better performance to protect productivity and visibility into advanced threats, and speeds detection and remediation response.

Get Started Now – Endpoint Migration for Intel Security Customers

Brian Dye explained the security advantage of dynamic endpoint in his blog last week. Migrating to McAfee Endpoint Security is critical for our customers to contain threats like greyware and ransomware before they impact systems.

Visit the Endpoint Security Migration Program on the Partner Portal. This is a one stop resource for our platinum and gold sales and SE partners. The Getting Started checklist will help you learn, plan and execute a successful migration. Training and enablement courses and tools and marketing materials will help you learn and sell the value of the Endpoint Security solution. And we have added migration incentives to the profitability programs. Customers gain stronger, more advanced defenses, and McAfee Endpoint Security is the framework upon which our future technologies will be built.

The McAfee Endpoint Security Platform is a key component to enable the McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response benefits. This portfolio combines behavior-based protection with continuous visibility and powerful insights to rapidly detect, contain, investigate, and eliminate advanced threats at patient zero; thus proactively decreasing mean time to remediation of potentially crippling loss or compromise of end customers critical data and environment.

Service Delivery Specialization for Platinum Partners

We also recognize the breadth and depth of our Platinum and Gold partners. Customer satisfaction remains a top priority and that starts with product delivery and implementation. The Service Delivery Specialization is the best way for Intel Security partners to differentiate themselves from the competition and demonstrate they have the capability and capacity to deploy services for McAfee products. It is now a requirement for our Platinum partners but is available to all registered partners regardless of program level, as well as distributors who meet specialization requirements.

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