McAfee brings you the solution to unauthorized photo-sharing on Facebook

I still remember that day vividly when my teenage daughter finished checking her Facebook account in an amazingly short time! I started to make a snide comment but the look on her face arrested my action. She looked so dejected, so woebegone! Whatever could have spoiled the day so for my little princess?

“Nothing,” was the muttered reply to my query (So teen-like, isn’t it?)

“You can tell me you know, I won’t scold or reprimand you, or make an ‘I-told-you-so’ remark.”

“It’s nothing actually. Don’t make a big issue of nothing!” and she stomped out of the house.

‘Nothing’ can’t definitely spoil her mood that bad! Given the teenage mood volatility, need for recognition, as well as irrational fear of being ostracized, I guessed it had to do something with her Facebook account. So promptly I opened my Facebook account, went to her page and checked the recent wall posts. I was flummoxed! Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary there. No rude posts, no embarrassing photos, no mean gossips- so what was it that had upset her so? As McAfee Family Protection is turned on, I knew she wasn’t chatting with a stranger or exchanged inappropriate words either. I was troubled but decided not to overreact.

When she returned back after a stroll I invited her to help me bake a cake. And over the therapeutic process of sieving and mixing and stirring, out came the secret. A distant friend had downloaded a photograph of hers that a friend had posted on her wall. He had then proceeded to share it with another group! He had evidently no idea that one should ask for permission before doing so. Thank God the pic was a decent one, a birthday bash, and the offender (the Mother in me refuses to use any other term) was solely interested in sharing it with his group of friends. But as these were not my daughter’s friends, and because her permission had not been sought before sharing, she was mad at him for his thoughtlessness. And rightly so, for have I not told her innumerable times why uploading and sharing of photos without consent is wrong?

I was upset at this liberty taken by the guy and promptly called up his mother and cleared the air. The pic was pulled off, but there’s no telling who else had seen it or worse, saved it.

So I was mighty pleased when I heard of the latest McAfee offering from Robert Siciliano’s blog. McAfee Social Protection safeguards Facebook photos by allowing users to control exactly who can view them. The app will make the pics appear blurry and indistinguishable to others. Moreover, no one, not even those allowed to view them can save, print, download, or screen capture them.

God! Can there be a greater relief on Facebook? You can’t always control what your teens or their friends share, but with McAfee Social Protection your photos stay as your photos.

Go to the McAfee Facebook page and check out McAfee Social Protection today!

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