LiveSafe – Redefining consumer security

A number of factors are causing today’s security landscape to evolve. A global survey we conducted this month revealed that 60 per cent of consumers worldwide own three or more internet-enabled devices. The diversity of these tablets and smartphones, and the vast range of operating systems they run on, mean the opportunity for more sophisticated cyber threats is greater than ever.

Add to this the proliferation of personal data being shared across various platforms and today’s online world becomes a perfect breeding ground for cyber-attack. Our research also revealed more than 50 per cent of consumers spend at least 15 hours a week using their devices for personal reasons. Naturally, spending so much time online means that consumers are now rapidly accumulating a vast array of digital assets – such as photographs, music tracks and documents – all stored on their devices. For example, the average Brit keeps 3,000 digital assets on their tablet and smartphone devices, including sensitive information such as financial records, drivers’ licences and passports.


The value we place on these digital assets often surpasses that of the many tangible, physical items we own. In the UK especially, consumers are putting a high price tag on their digital lives – up to $22,7234 (17,745 euros – £15,000) – worth of value. Digital items containing personal records have the highest value at over $303 (235 euros – £200) per item, whilst personal memories such as photographs and videos are valued at $27.50 (22 euros – £18) per item.

Many of us insure the physical contents of our homes without a second thought. However, in today’s digital age, data is quickly becoming a constant and substantial part of our lives. As the value of our digital assets increases, the responsibility to protect it from theft or loss should grow in line with it.

This is why we’ve worked with Intel on a new service that protects a consumer’s entire digital life. As I said in my previous blog post, on the 14th May, we announced McAfee LiveSafe, the first unlimited cross-device security service that uses cutting-edge facial and voice recognition technology to protect users’ digital lives. This solution delivers on the joint vision that we share with Intel to redefine the consumer security experience, enabling users to connect with confidence by protecting their data, identity and all devices.

McAfee LiveSafe is the needed response to today’s evolving cyber security landscape and the increasing need for protection on our mobile devices. The memories we create online are often irreplaceable and impossible to recreate, re-download or repurchase. Rather than leave ourselves unprotected and vulnerable to having these memories taken away from us, LiveSafe enables the consumer to continue their digital life, in the knowledge that we are keeping it secure for them.

As a leader in multi device protection, our partnership with Intel on the LiveSafe service will provide consumers with an unprecedented level of security in today’s increasingly complex digital world. Its intuitive and innovative features – biometric authentication and cloud-based storage – will hopefully help consumers to realise that, when it comes to our lives and the priceless memories we create, no measure is too big or too small to safeguard our digital assets.


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