Let the Great McAfee ENS 10.5 Migration Begin!

Since I started writing blogs last year, I’ve experienced some great interaction from the partner community – your perspectives, comments, questions, etc. It’s been a great way to connect with many of you. Over the next few weeks, starting today, I have some pretty big things on my mind that I want to share. ENS 10.5 migration, which I’ll cover in this blog, the new McAfee, which I’ll touch base on next week, and the R word- Ransomware, which you’ll see posted in a few weeks. These three things are top of mind for me, so I’m keeping in touch with you, our partners, through this route of communication and hope to hear your perspective and feedback directly to me or through your channel managers.

Over the past year, you’ve heard me talk about the coming McAfee technology and product innovations. If you attended Focus last fall, you saw in vivid reveal of the new McAfee brand and detail around the tremendous detection, identification, response, and analysis capabilities of McAfee’s new security architecture. And, of course, the cornerstone of that architecture is Endpoint Security 10.5.

McAfee recently released the Endpoint Upgrade Assistant, which makes quick and easy work of analyzing your customers’ environments and preparing them for upgrading from legacy VirusScan to ENS 10.5.  It provides an easy to workflow to upgrade and prepare your endpoints for migration.  When used in conjunction with our new Endpoint Security 10.5 Migration assistant, the security policies and configurations from previous installations are maintained, allowing you to unlock the benefits of ENS 10.5 without breaking continuity with established security policies.

I speak with dozens of partners every week. I visit partner offices all the time. I listen to your concerns about product releases, competition, and market opportunities. I learn about your needs when it comes to resources, training, and information. I can tell you that ENS 10.5 and the support resources McAfee developed are the answer to many of the concerns and opportunities I hear about.

ENS 10.5 isn’t an option; it’s an imperative. Our mutual customers are straining under the pressure of sophisticated malware. In 2016, McAfee Labs detected more than 160 million new malware samples. Advanced malware is opening back doors, allowing confidential data to be compromised, and the volume of ransomware is increasing, making mission-critical files useless until the bounty is paid.

Through ENS 10.5, your customers get access to the most advanced endpoint threat detection and response available. ENS 10.5 is based on machine learning, so malware is identified faster and more accurately than it was with previous McAfee security technologies, such as VirusScan Enterprise, SiteAdvisor Enterprise, and Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktops.

Machine learning and near real-time threat information exchange between security technologies is essential to close the response gap. ENS 10.5’s greater ability to detect and identify without reliance on legacy signature-based approaches means threat intelligence is conveyed faster to other endpoints, decreasing overall exposure.

What we – McAfee and you, our partners – need to do is get this tremendous technology in the hands of our customers. The ENS 10.5 Migration Tool is a great resource, but it’s not the only one we’ve provided for you. We’ve created several reference resources, including:

  • Getting Started Checklist
  • A presentation to show customers why they should migrate
  • Customer solutions briefs and specifications worksheets
  • Endpoint Security quick start tasks
  • Partner on-demand training and enablement courses
  • Step-by-step videos demonstrating manual and automated migrations

All of the information and resources you need are consolidated at “Endpoint Security (ENS) 10 Migration” in the partner portal.

You’ll also find the reasons why ENS 10.5 is good for you. It’s not just a security product; it’s a linchpin for a broader security architecture. Through ENS 10.5, you’ll build a base for security suite add-ons, open new pre-deployment and post-installation service and support opportunities, and increase customer satisfaction.

Professional services are a big part of your ENS 10.5 opportunity. Even though the Migration Tool makes simple work of the deployment, customers will still need your expert hand in the migration process. McAfee recommends checking and updating security policies during the migration process, ensuring no gaps are left open. Further, ENS 10.5 migration is your opportunity to conduct security assessments and provide configuration services, ensuring the customer has the comprehensive security they need and their systems are working properly.

Next week, we become McAfee. We will be solely focused on IT Security and with ENS 10.5 as the cornerstone, we have an exciting opportunity to make a big difference in our customers’ security posture and effectiveness. I encourage all of you to check out the resources we have for ENS 10.5, work with your channel account managers and engineers on getting up to speed on ENS 10.5 capabilities, and start getting this powerful technology in the hands of our customers.

Your questions, feedback, and concerns, are valuable to me. Please feel free to have open dialogue and reach out regarding this topic. I want to hear from you.

Together is power.

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