Do Indians Ignore PC Protection And Think It Is Not Important Enough?

The latest McAfee Survey shows that India is the 10th Least Protected Country with almost 17.32% Consumers not using PC Protection

Other facts which need to be pondered on:

  • 10.9% of Indian consumers have no security protection installed
  • 6.42% have security software installed but it is disabled

These and other startling facts have come to light through a global study conducted by McAfee. The study analyzed data from voluntary scans of around 27-28 million PCs per month to arrive at an estimate of the number of consumers who have basic security software installed. The study found that even though 83% of global consumers had active basic security protection17% PCs had either no anti-virus installed or the software was installed, but disabled.

Note: Basic security protection includes working anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall technologies

Key Global Findings of the Report:

  • With 90.3% of its consumers protected, Finland has the highest percentage of PCs with basic security protection
  • With only 78.25% of consumers protected, Singapore holds the dubious distinction of being the nation with the least number of PCs with protection

A serious question here is, are you one of those 17.3% of Indian consumers in India? Because if you are, or if you are the type that continually defers the simple task of installing security software, you are not only doing grave harm not only to yourself and your computer BUT also to any child who might have the access for your computer. Think about it. An unprotected computer is like a treasure trove for a hacker, a cyber criminal like a scammer and an online predator. It makes their task easy and puts you and your loved ones at great risk.

What you SHOULD do?

ü  If you don’t have security software, install one NOW! Don’t delay you might lose some precious data or download infected files that might harm your system. The process is so easy even a computer novice can do it. You can either purchase a CD from a nearby store (ensure it offers family protection) or better still, you can buy protection software from the site of a reputed company (try getting one that can be used to protect all your internet-enabled devices). Once you make your purchase, you will receive a key. Go to the site indicated on the CD or on the website; access your account (or create one if you don’t have an existing account); enter the key and continue as directed. And voila! The work is done.

  • If you do have security software but have disabled it, turn it on: Your Firewall and anti-virus as well as anti-spyware must be kept turned on as long as you are on the net. Cyber criminals are getting smarter by the day and sometimes we innocently help them in increasing their nefarious knowledge
  • Set different log-in ID for each individual kid in the family: Kids are more vulnerable and need higher protection. You can limit the sites they can access and the time they can surf the net
  • Refrain from using freely downloadable security software: There’s no free lunch, don’t we all know it? Moreover, such security offers very basic protection that any cyber criminal can easily circumvent.

I strongly recommend a highly advanced, all-inclusive software like McAfee AllAccess. It will allow you to protect all your devices like PCs, laptops, smartphones without having to bother about obtaining separate software for separate devices.

Tune in for my next blog where I will discuss why consumers leave their PCs unprotected and the dangers this may expose them to. Till then, surf safely!

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