CIO Blown Away with Migration to McAfee Endpoint Security 10.2

Intrigued by McAfee Endpoint Security framework, the new more collaborative endpoint protection with dramatically improved performance, threat remediation, intelligence, and forensics? Wondering if you should migrate from your existing endpoint protection?
CIO Harry Folloder was too, but no longer.

Folloder heads information security at Advantage Waypoint, the leading food services sales and marketing company for North America. The potential benefits of McAfee Endpoint Security 10, including better performance and faster, easier threat remediation, drove him to migrate from a previous McAfee endpoint suite sooner rather than later, and to renew Waypoint’s endpoint contract with McAfee for multiple years.


Under Folloder’s leadership, Waypoint recently deployed McAfee Endpoint Security 10.2 across the company’s approximately 1,500 endpoints, including three geographically dispersed data centers. Migration took only a few days and was very straightforward using McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO). Folloder, his staff, and end users are all extremely pleased with the result.

Folloder’s staff was particularly impressed with the upgraded endpoint protection’s additional actionable intelligence and forensics and enhanced graphical user interface, which presents actionable threat forensics in easily understood language. “We were just blown away by the intricate detail of the user experience, from the end user computing side but also from the admin side,” says Folloder. “[The new McAfee endpoint security framework] makes it easier for us to manage the endpoint and take corrective action.”


For Folloder, even more important than easy administration is improved ability to protect clients—corporate users as well as users at the companies that hire Waypoint’s services and deploy the company’s ATMs. All these users trust Folloder and his staff for the safety of their data and lines of business.

“My staff feels more comfortable with the security that [McAfee Endpoint Security] provides their teams and those we are charged with protecting,” declares Folloder. He says that the new McAfee endpoint security framework is easier to manage, provides more visibility, and is more stable. In addition, because it requires substantially less CPU resources to run and does not impact business operations, it has improved the computing experience of Waypoint’s end users.

“So for all those reasons we are very happy with [McAfee Endpoint Security 10],” concludes Folloder. He also adds that CIOs should partner with McAfee because McAfee is not only a leader but an innovator in technology. The new McAfee Endpoint Security framework is but one example.

To hear Folloder talk about his experience with McAfee Endpoint Security 10.2, click here.

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