CES Trends: Smartphones Are the Remote Control for Your Life

Smartphones have evolved at a rapid pace over the past couple of years to become much more than a communication tool. Everything is connected to the Internet – lights, power outlets, cars, cameras, kitchen appliances and more – and can be controlled from a mobile device. At CES this year it was more evident than ever that our mobile devices are starting to become the remote control for our lives. These app-powered accessories and appliances are the wave of the future and made a big splash at the year’s biggest consumer electronics show.  Here are a few examples of what was featured:

  • AT&T announced that in March its Digital Life security system will go on sale. It allows people to use tablets or phones to monitor cameras, alarms and even coffee pots.
  • Appliance-maker Dacor showed off a new 30-inch Discovery wall oven on the show floor that can be controlled remotely through Discovery IQ Controller, an Android app.
  • Ingersoll Rand offers a $300 starter kit and software for people to connect their homes. It includes a lock, a light and a wireless “bridge,” or base station, to connect the devices to the Internet. They can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet app called Nexia Home Intelligence.


App-controlled ovens and home security systems are just the start. Pretty soon the control for every aspect of our lives will lie within our mobile devices, but as we adopt this new functionality we’re opening more doors for cybercriminals.

A mobile app left without a security solution is open to hacks that could affect every aspect of your life. With appliances, cars and security systems connected via smartphones, imagine all the things that could go wrong if your smartphone was attacked.

That’s why in 2013, we’ll see mobile security move more and more to the forefront of industry conversations. Consumers will need to protect themselves by choosing security solutions that fit their mobile lifestyle.

At McAfee our goal is to shield consumers from all mobile dangers by providing protection against theft, loss, malware, unwanted calls and texts, and unsafe apps and websites.  McAfee Mobile Security (MMS)is the most comprehensive solution available so it’s the perfect solution for CES attendees. Mobile enthusiasts looking to download all the latest apps debuted at CES can keep their personal life personal, outsmart identity thieves and connect (to their oven, car or home security system) with confidence.

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