Are You At Infected? DNSChanger Trojan Widespread; McAfee Provides Solution

Imagine not being able to access the Internet, at all.

Not just a connection failure or a browser hiccup, but total disconnect from the online world. This situation could become a reality for you on July 9th when the FBI shuts down the servers responsible for the DNSChanger Trojan and, if infected, you will lose the ability to use the Internet. The cybercriminals who developed the DNSChanger Trojan did so to redirect infected users to websites where the cybercriminals profited off of advertisements and even scams in some cases.But how does the DNSChanger Trojan work? It reconfigures your DNS settings, DNS meaning Domain Name System, converts websites to IP addresses so your computer can talk to other computers via the Internet. If your DNS Settings are not correct then accessing websites, email, or the Internet in general, in this case, will become impossible.

But, fear not, McAfee has developed a solution and guide to ensure you’ll be safe and able to use the Internet after July 9th.

Changing and checking your DNS settings manually may be difficult, McAfee has provided a free tool to walk users through the process. Consumers can easily check if they are infected with the DNSChanger Trojan by visiting and clicking a button to see if their computer has been infected. If they are infected, the website will offer them a free solution to restore their Internet settings.

Remember keeping you and your family safe online starts with being proactive and preventative.

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Story added 9. July 2012, content source with full text you can find at link above.