Wired on Cyberwar. In 1996.

WiredI heard Wired Magazine is turning 20.


As I used to subscribe to the magazine around ’93-’96, I went looking for my old copies, and I did find a stack. One of the weirdest things about these old magazines was that while they were speaking about the net from cover to cover, they did not have a single URL or a web address. Because the web didn’t really exist in 1993.

I found this one cover from August 1996 especially striking. Somewhere below the mugshots of John Romero (@romero) and John Carmack (@ID_AA_Carmack) is the text “Ready for Cyberwar”. Cyberwar? In 1996? I had to look up the article.

Turns out, the article in question is an interview with Winn Schwartau. I’ll take the liberty of quoting the most interesting part of the article — which was well ahead of it’s time — below.

Thanks, Wired.
Mikko Hypponen

Cyberwar 1996

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