What privacy profile do you fit?

In an era of constant likes and shares, where is the privacy line drawn? Are you someone who worries about being watched as you purchase an item online? Or do you consider loss of privacy the price you pay for having the world at your fingertips.

Forrester recently released a report that reveals the characteristics of users and the factors that go into how much – or how little – each category of user shares. “We frequently hear that Millennials don’t care about privacy — just look at everything they share on social media! But this ignores the fact that Millennials actually manage their online identities quite aggressively.”

“While it may appear that they overshare online, they use privacy settings, ephemeral messaging, and browser plug-ins to control who sees what about them. This is exactly how most of us behave in the physical world: Our willingness to share personal information with specific people changes depending on our relationship with them.”

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