What does the collaborative economy mean for information security?

Most employers allow their staff reasonable use of office products such as telephones, copy machines, coffee and the like. For the most part, employees won’t be using the copy machines to compete with Kinko’s or a company car to compete with black car limousine services. Well, at least not until now.

But what if the dynamic changed such that employees could use corporate and office items for their personal profit? Most firms have never thought about the concept and certainly have no processes in place to deal with it. But that’s something CIOs and CISOs should think about in 2015, as the collaborative economy will be changing that dynamic.

Additionally, employees and employers can use these same technologies and models to make their own businesses efficient. Imagine your employees efficiently sharing rides, desks, equipment, and remote work locations to be more effective in their jobs. On-demand rides, lower cost Airbnbs and shared co-working spaces all offer opportunity for the progressive employer.

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