Trademark Python™??

It seems the Python Software Foundation needs some help with a company in the UK that is trying to trademark the word “Python” for “software, servers, services… pretty much anything having to do with a computer”.

So here, for the record, is our statement.

F-Secure Labs hearts Python

We at F-Secure use Python extensively in our organization, mainly on the back end and for internal tooling, but it’s ubiquitous in our R&D work, and we encourage all our developers to embrace Python (in the fairly unlikely event that they are not already enthusiastic about it). To the best of our knowledge, our company is representative of the technology industry in Europe in general in this respect; apart from very specialized niche companies, everybody is using Python, and it would seem preposterous outrageous insane unfair to grant this trademark to anybody except the legitimate holder of the intellectual property rights for the Python programming language.

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