The hidden significance of a simple Chromebook screensaver

Something really interesting is happening right now — but looking out across the sea of floating headlines in these echo-filled virtual waters of ours, you’d never know it.

In fact, as far as most of the tech-watching world is concerned, the news right now is that Google’s in the midst of rolling out an insignificant-seeming update to an unimportant operating system.

Goog almighty, are folks missing the boat.

More than a Chromebook story

Let me take a second to let everyone off the hook a little: It’s easy to see why this news isn’t getting the attention it deserves. First off, the development in question is connected to Chrome OS — and as we’ve established plenty of times over the years, lots of tech-lovin’ folk have a distorted view of that platform’s reach (remember, way more people bought Chromebooks than Macs in the most recent reported quarter) and its potential (long story short, we’ve come a looooooooong way from the basic “browser in the box” concept Chrome OS launched with nearly a decade ago).

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