Summer Listening: Anonymity

Recommendation: two recent Tech Weekly interviews covering the topic of online anonymity.

In the first part, host Aleks Krotoski speaks with 4chan founder Chris Poole. Near the end of the interview, Poole suggests a site such as 4chan offers “front end” anonymity whereas something like Tor offers “back end” anonymity. It’s a prescient comment…

Krotoski’s second interview just happens to be with executive director of the Tor software project, Andrew Lewman.

Excellent analysis of anonymity and its importance. Well worth a listen.

The podcasts can either be streamed or downloaded.

Tech Weekly, Christopher Poole Tech Weekly, Andrew Lewman

Protip: Note the “2X” option in the screenshots above. Many English language podcasts are easily understandable at double playback speed. To take advantage of the option with iOS, be sure to set the audio type to “podcast” with any manually added files.

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