"Police" Ransom Trojan Gang Busted

Spanish Police and Europol did a major bust today, arresting several persons connected to the well-known “Police” ransom trojans.

We’ve covered these ransom trojan families on our blog before, but in a nutshell, they lock up an infected PC, claiming to be the local police and demanding the victim to pay a “fine” to open up the system.

All in all, 11 people were arrested and six premises were searched.

Here’s an arrest video released by Spanish Brigada de Investigación Tecnológica de la Policía Nacional.

Note the use of Cellebrite devices to take forensic images of suspect mobile phones (at around 2 minutes into the video).

Congratulations to Spanish Police and EC3. This bust must have felt good, as the brands of both have been misused by police trojans (see the below snippet taken from a screen displayed by a trojan):


More info from Europol.

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