Microsoft Patch Alert: August 2020

With Windows 10 2004 gradually creeping (I use the term intentionally) onto more machines, faults and foibles are coming out of the woodwork. It looks like a fix for the long-lamented version 2004 defrag bugs is on the way, but we aren’t there yet. Lenovo isn’t too happy with the August version 2004 cumulative update. It’s still too early to move to 2004, in my opinion — and those problems ensure I’ll keep 2004 off my machines for a while.

Meanwhile, Microsoft extended the end of support date for Win10 version 1803 — a move that’ll interest exactly nobody except for admins with aging Win10 machines. Windows 8.1 patchers got left out in the Remote Access cold for a week. The .NET security updates have an odd, acknowledged bug with a manual registry workaround.

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