Microsoft, it’s time deliver these four Windows wishes

The web is rife with rumors that for the first time in years, Windows 10 will get ‘a major OS upgrade’ in 2021. The upgrade, code-named Sun Valley, is expected to offer “new Start menu and Action Center experiences…, an updated Taskbar built with modern code, and an improved UI for the legacy File Explorer.” In addition, expect more rounded-off windows, better dark mode support, and more consistent use of Microsoft’s Fluent Design rules.

Be still my beating heart! Can you stand the excitement?

To call those features a “major OS upgrade” shows just how low expectations have sunk for anything new in Windows 10. Once upon a time, they would be considered minor tweaks. But these days, you find barely any new features in Microsoft’s twice-a-year upgrades. So an updated Taskbar, tweaks to the Start menu and Action Center and subtle design changes sound like big breakthroughs to a tech press wanting something to sink their teeth into.

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