It’s time, IT — set the rules of the road for mobile

I recently noticed this piece on Forbes about a suggested change for all iOS Wi-Fi settings and it prompted a potentially controversial question.

Why don’t all IT/security admins issue a list of setting/configuration changes related to iOS and Android devices for all enterprise users? (If your people are still using BlackBerry — and I just received an email from a U.S. Department of Homeland Security worker who is, which is quite frightening — we need to talk ASAP.)

Some companies, of course, have these configuration settings written down and released. But why do many CIOs/CISOs not bother? And while I am diving deeper into troublesome waters, let me plunge ahead: Why not make such lists mandatory — a requirement for any company allowing personal devices to access sensitive data and sensitive systems? Almost all mandate the use of a downloadable company-approved VPN, so why not also dictate all manner of other settings that pose cybersecurity risks?

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