Is Apple’s new 27-inch iMac a good fit for business?

Apple has introduced what may be the penultimate 27-inch iMac configuration powered by an Intel processor, but is this a good fit for your business?

The Apple Silicon transition thing

Enterprise purchasers shouldn’t be put off that Apple intends migrating its Macs to use of Apple Silicon because, at present at least, they know what they are getting with Intel-based kit and have been promised support for Macs based on those processors for “years to come”. While that’s a slightly opaque commitment, it should cover standard enterprise Mac usage cycles.

In other words, counter-intuitive as this may sound to Mac users focused on the new, the bright and the shiny, these iMacs may make a better investment than the first-generation Apple Silicon Macs, simply because you know what you’re getting and existing software and services should perform fine on these new Macs.

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