Huawei controversies timeline

Chinese telecommunications and consumer electronics manufacturer Huawei has found itself at the centre of a long list of controversies in recent months. Far and away the leader in 5G network infrastructure, the company’s business units have performed spectacularly, but as America continues to pursue bellicose trade policies with China, the firm’s relationship with Europe and the countries in the ‘Five Eyes’ alliance with the USA – Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia – has been strained.

Are the latest accusations warranted – or fair? See our extensive timeline below for the long list of controversies pinned on the company.


December – Indian security services accuse Huawei of aiding Taliban

As far as we can tell, this is the most prominent early example of security fears levied at the country. Reports from India’s intelligence agencies, said EETimes, led to the placing of Huawei’s India operations on a watch list for “alleged business dealings with the Taliban, Pakistan and Iraq”.

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