How Secure Scrum can help you build better software

Agile, and Scrum in particular, continue to be popular methodologies for managing software development. But in their emphasis on generating working code quickly, do Agile and Scrum lead to security issues getting left by the wayside? A pair of computer science researchers in Germany think so and have developed a new version of Scrum that they argue better supports the development of secure software.

Why Secure Scrum?

“When investigating why current web applications often have a low security level, we noticed that, among other things, one reason for security vulnerabilities lies in the agility of web application software development processes,”  Hans-Joachim Hof, a professor in the Munich IT Security Research Group at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, told me via email. “We decided to have a closer look into this issue and identified Scrum as a common agile software development process that needs a kind of framework for security.”

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