Hacker (for Facebook) on Google Play

We were recently asked about the numerous “Facebook password hacker” apps available on Google Play. We decided to take a look at one called “Hacker (for Facebook)”.

Hacker (for Facebook)

It’s a lair right out of the gate: “In order to work properly, you should rate the app with 5 stars!”

Hacker (for Facebook) Hacker (for Facebook)

Rate an app to work properly? Bollocks.

And here’s an example of an advertisement which is shown:

Hacker (for Facebook) Hacker (for Facebook)

Fake AV scams. Nice.

So, would you trust this app when prompted to login to Facebook?

Hacker (for Facebook)

Here’s the app’s description:

“Hacker (for Facebook ; previously Facebook Hacker) is the ideal app that automatically is gaining access to any Facebook user account and his data. If you want to hack the password of some user this is an ideal app for you. In a simple way by just entering the victim’s username or email our system will crack the password and show it to you. This application uses very sophisticated and advanced algorithm to get the data from the users account and there is no possibility for mistake.”

The features:

  •  Facebook password hacking
  •  Very intuitive interface
  •  Easy and simple to run

And the disclaimer:

“This is only a prank app. Any not allowed hacking of a Facebook account with a real app would be illegal.”

Ah. It’s a prank. Adding a disclaimer makes it all okay (on Google Play at least). Lying about the need for a 5 star rating and fraudulent ads? Sure, why not, it’s just a “prank” app.

Google Play Apps is the new Zango.

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