Google’s Chrome OS pivot matters more than you think

Don’t look now, but Chrome OS is about to undergo the biggest and most transformative change in the platform’s history.

It’s something we’ve actually been hearing about since April but that’s just starting to take shape publicly for the first time this week. And while its practical, surface-level significance is without a doubt massive, the philosophical effect of the shift may be the most monumental of all.

Buckle up, gang. We’ve got some seriously deep thinking to do.

Chrome OS and the browser foundation

We’ll go beyond the surface to explore the next-level impact of this move in a second — but first, let’s address the basics of what’s happening here and why it matters from a practical perspective. Google, in case you haven’t heard, is working on an ambitious plan to separate Chrome the browser from Chrome OS the operating system. As it stands now, Chrome itself is an integral part of Chrome OS. It’s built right into the operating system. And that creates a couple of unfortunate challenges.

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