FIDO two-factor authentication goes wireless

Expect vendors soon to introduce devices with three forms of wireless support to Fast Identity Online (FIDO) two-factor authentication.

The FIDO Alliance today is issuing a new specification for FIDO to support Bluetooth, low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) and near field communications (NFC) wireless technologies in two-factor authentication tokens, according to FIDO Alliance executive director Brett McDowell.

That means the alliance recommends that device manufacturers use the spec to start producing and selling these wireless devices.

Existing FIDO specs already defined how to make authentication tokens that can be plugged into USB ports. With the new specification these authentication devices would just have to be near a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop that also supports the same wireless technology and is trying to connect with a server that supports FIDO authentication. So devices without USB ports could still authenticate via FIDO.

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