Does quantum cryptology offer hack-proof security?

Untangling hyper-entangled twisted light.

Photons in the form of a bi-photon frequency comb.

Quantum-powered random numbers generated by an entropy engine that exploits quantum mechanics.

Quantum cryptology may be the hottest topic in security these days, but it sure reads like a lot of sci-fi jargon. But what does it mean? 

Bruce Potter, CTO of the KEYW Corporation, defined it to a room full of privacy professionals this past July at the Black Hat conference. He explained that with so much concern regarding the quality of our protective encryption capabilities, this is still a complicated and misunderstood process. Quantum cryptology (and its crypto components) is a mind-bending concept that baffles even the most experienced scientists. Those who try to understand what’s going on are stymied by the diversity, age and code complexity of the various software components. And, while cryptographic core algorithms have been well-studied, other components in enterprise cryptosystems are less understood. It’s no wonder this field of science incites so much controversy. 

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