DDOS attack size up 50-fold over past decade

The size of the largest DDOS attack was fifty times larger last year than ten years ago, according to a new survey of Internet service and hosting providers, and attacks are also increasing in numbers and in sophistication.

The largest reported attack last year was 400 gigabits per second, compared to just 8 Gbps in 2004 — and 100 Gpbs in 2010.

“The growth is not straight line,” said Gary Sockrider, solutions architect at Burlington, Mass.-based Arbor Networks, Inc. and the author of the report. “It’s more of a hockey stick.”

By comparison, the total bandwidth of the entire Internet grew 42-fold over the same period, according to data from Cisco, from an average of 570 Gbps in 2004 to 24,000 Gbps in 2014.

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