Cool Exploit Kit is Related to Blackhole

Two months ago, Karmina and Timo wrote about clear similarities between the Cool and Blackhole exploit kits. Blackhole seemed to be copying (or perhaps replicating is a better word) techniques and exploits used by Cool. It appeared the two were closely related.

Yesterday, Brian Krebs exposed that relationship.

Cool is a premium exploit kit from the authors of Blackhole which uses custom exploits (as in zero-day) and costs $10,000 a month!

Blackhole costs “only” $700 for three months, or $1,500 for a full year. Once a custom exploit used by Cool goes public, and is thus no longer a zero-day, it gets added to the less expensive Blackhole.

Run, don’t walk to Krebs on Security for all the details: Crimeware Author Funds Exploit Buying Spree

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