Are metaverse pioneers making the same old security mistakes?

Ask security pros what they would change about the Internet if they could go back in time knowing what they know now, and most can point to a list of mistakes we could have avoided.

But according to some experts, we’re still making the same mistakes today, with the development of the 3D virtual reality metaverse.

Today, most applications of virtual reality are walled gardens, training or simulation worlds run behind corporate firewalls, games, or marketing experiences.

Avatars can’t teleport from one to another, and can’t send messages or content from one to another, so security is not a priority.

But there are also virtual worlds built on top of open source software, and they do allow avatars to travel, and content to move between worlds. But the developers of these platforms are academics, hobbyists, and volunteers much like the ones who built the early Web — and, critics say, are similarly disinclined to worry about security.

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