Android: "Fake" Minecraft App

Every other Monday, our Threat Research team contributes to PC Magazine’s Mobile Threat Monday. And yesterday’s post is about a fake (hijacked) Minecraft app.

PC Magazine, Mobile Threat Monday: Fake Minecraft Scams Android Gamers

Max Eddy:

“F-Secure told SecurityWatch that the phony Minecraft PE is currently available on several Russian app stores. This isn’t surprising as not all third party stores vet their apps as thoroughly as Google, making some of them havens for malicious applications.

Careful readers will probably remember that cloned versions of popular apps are nothing new; in fact, it’s a common tactic to trick victims into downloading and installing malicious applications. These fake apps are generally free, to further entice victims, but this ersatz Minecraft PE bucks the trend by charging 2.50 Euros for the app—the real app costs 5.49 Euros.”


The real game is included but includes this: android.permission.SEND_SMS, and the payment system has been “enhanced”.

Check out PC Magazine for the full story: Mobile Threat Monday: Fake Minecraft Scams Android Gamers.

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