A new service for the less techie criminals

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You’ve heard of big business owners like Jeff Bezos, Larry Page and Warren Buffet. However, did you know there’s a long list of business owners, all of who have access to millions of dollars at their fingertips, that you’ll never hear about. These people are the owners of crimeware-as-a-service (CaaS) businesses. For underground cybercriminals, CaaS provides a new dimension to cybercrime by making it more organized, automated and accessible to criminals with limited technical skills. Today, cybercriminals can develop, advertise and sell anything from a botnet to a browser exploit pack or DDoS attack toolkits. Aditya K Sood, director of security and cloud threat labs at Blue Coat Systems, a part of Symantec, details how cybercriminals can obtain sensitive data, like credit card numbers, names and addresses, with just a couple of clicks and a payment.

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