A fast, first look at macOS Monterey

Somewhere between Santa Cruz and Point Pinos sits Monterey Bay — first discovered by Europeans in 1542, still a home for sea otters, and also Apple’s namesake for the next edition of the Mac operating system, macOS Monterey. The OS (not the bay) is now available for public beta testing, so here’s a very quick first look.

The good: Unity is strength

Apple continues work to bring its operating systems closer together, while respecting the essential differences unique to each of the platforms they drive. Catalyst, Apple Silicon, and a slew of user interface tweaks mean the leading features across both the Mac and iPad are almost identical: Shortcuts, Focus, Quick Note, SharePlay are banner features on both platforms. The growing list of similarities does nothing to erode the unique nature of each. Despite holding features in common, the Mac is still the Mac and the iPad is quite clearly still an iPad.

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