25 top tips for Google Keep on Android

I really need to upgrade my brain’s internal storage.

I’m only partially kidding: Just like a hard drive, I’m pretty sure my mind reached maximum capacity at some point in the past decade. The only way I can remember anything these days is by making and maintaining a million notes, both physical and digital. (My wife can confirm this: “I told you that a week ago” is an all-too-common phrase ’round these parts.)

I’m still waiting for Western Digital to start selling SSD implants for the noggin, but in the meantime, Google Keep has become my repository for notes of the non-sticky variety. I like it because it’s simple to use and yet packed with features that make my life easier on both a professional and a personal level. Plus, it works as well on my desktop computer or Chromebook as it does on my Android phone — and I can seamlessly move from one device to the next and know all my notes will always be synced, current, and available wherever I need ’em.

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