10 useful Mac tips for busy workers

If you work from home, you’re probably busier than ever these days. These 10 Mac tips should help you get more done faster.

How to combine files into a PDF with Preview

So, you’ve got two or more different PDF documents and you want to combine them all into one, perhaps for a report? There are two ways to achieve this:

  • Find and select the documents you want to combine and Control-click them to access the available controls. At the bottom, select Quick Actions and then choose “Create PDF.”
  • Or open one of the files in Preview and use the top left drop-down menu to select Thumbnails. You should then see previews of each page of the document appear in the sidebar. Once the thumbnails of the first PDF are visible, you can add more PDFs using drag and drop into the sidebar — like adding a page. Even multi-page PDFs can be added with this one gesture. It’s dead useful.

How to merge calendars

As can happen with other data on our Macs, we may eventually end up with multiple calendars for different purposes. That gives rise to the need to merge some of these to help keep and organize the data inside them. Here is how to merge different calendars.

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