What is Digital Twin Solution?

FieldTwin is a product that is able to create, as well as
maintain, a digital twin across the entire life-cycle of a field. This means it
can keep an exact digital copy of an oil and gas company’s physical assets.
What is the benefit of this? Well, this allows producers to optimize asset
performance and value.

If you are looking to capitalize performance, as well as efficiency, in oil price markets, then we would recommend that you look into these immediate digitalization opportunities. FieldTwin, produced by FutureOn, is a solution that is able to maximize big data to your advantage.

More About FieldTwin

You can probably
appreciate that most of the data that you hold in your company, even in an
expert system, is not being
utilized to its full potential. This could be for a number of reasons such as
the size of the data, or even as something as simple as the file format.

The digital FieldTwin is:

  • one
    source of truth for each party involved.
  • it has
    the ability to seamlessly integrate IoT sensor data. This is perfect for monitoring
    equipment statuses in real time, as well as well flow-rates and vessel
    locations, and engineer tasks. It can also measure production values.
  • visual
    representation of equipment data, which is able to make sense of previously
    unmanageable data streams
  • dramatic
    reduction of operational time-lines

With your digital
copy of your field in FieldTwin, you can make digital your offshore field
development and installation. This allows you to accurately display production
performance metrics, as well as equipment maintenance.

How It Works

We have found that customers of FieldTwin can create safer, but
yet more responsive operating conditions. There is also the added benefit of reducing
risk, and customers have also found that it helps secure the longevity of field

What is more, Field Twin is able to help with offshore asset
inspection. It can also play a part in maintenance and repair programs.

FieldTwin is able to make data more secure, thanks to its
advanced Cloud-based platform. In fact, the security measures employed in FieldTwin
were developed by some industry heavyweights, namely Google, Microsoft and
Amazon. By using Field Twin within a secure Cloud, it allows the easy integration
of data. Field Twin has the advantage of “breaking up the barriers” caused by
old legacy systems, allowing you to make full use of your data.

For more information, check out Digital Twin Solution.

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